Murray Gable Bio


From the depths of British Columbia, with its scenic Pacific coastlines and breathtaking mountain ranges, emerges a songwriter out of its wilderness. That songwriter goes by the name Murray Gable, who writes folk rock songs enveloped in raw, unfiltered passion. With a natural sense of experimentation, Murray’s music, while often upbeat and elevating, can also be equally as intimate and emotionally-weighted. These are folk rock tales that come from the heart, and touch on themes of love, the environment, and even the complete absurdity of life. 

Murray Gable has fond memories of being infatuated with music from a very young age. From messing around with his mother’s record player as a toddler, to first picking up the guitar, his very first instrument -- Murray has always found himself in some way, shape or form, to be dabbling with music. 

Fast forward to today, and he has played as a solo artist, and notably in a band called ‘The Pucks’, who he recorded 4 original albums and toured extensively with. Here, he was their chief songwriter and lead male vocalist. Their success took them around the country, even playing for The Queen and at the international multi-sport event, the Commonwealth Games. Their last full-length LP, titled ‘Martha’ saw its release in May, 2009, with Jason Mauza (Foo Fighters, The Chieftans, Pluto) on production and engineering duties.  

Going forward, Murray is setting the wheels in motion for a brand new solo CD and a festival tour. Above all, he looks to continue down the path of writing emotionally-drenched folk rock, setting both campfires and stages alight.


Going Places